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Insurance Defense

Griffin & Matthews works with insurance carriers and self-insured companies by offering litigation defense, claims investigation, and strategic counseling for losses covered by commercial general liability, property casualty, workers' compensation and employer liability insurance. We assist clients by working with them to find the strategy best suited to reduce overall exposure. If litigation is necessary, the firm provides comprehensive TRIAL SERVICES in both state and federal court.

Employers' Liability

Our firm has spent considerable time devoted to the defense of employers' liability claims and, in particular, death cases in which gross negligence is alleged against insured's businesses. We have defended a large number of these sensitive high-profile cases. We have aggressively and efficiently defended companies alleged to have been responsible for the death of workers in cases that involved:

  • A worker who fell through a skylight 12 stories who volunteered to assist closing the skylight after a thunderstorm
  • Two workers trapped inside a tanker trailer being cleaned where one died trying to save the life of the other
  • A worker in an east Texas saw mill killed by an electrical breaker short circuit
  • A worker inside a 40' deep excavation tunnel electrocuted when a crane on the surface contacted high power lines overhead
  • A worker breaking down a crane boom that collapsed unexpectedly
  • A worker pulled into a centrifugal machine used to throw excess material off of product
  • A worker inadvertently falling through an uncovered hole on a river bridge construction site
  • Two plant-site workers overcome during the clean-out of a chemical storage tank due to receiving an incorrect mixture of oxygen and nitrogen
  • Two oilfield wild-well firefighters overcome when the well they were attempting to extinguish blew out
  • A worker killed during an in-store robbery of a non-profit charity
  • A worker killed as a result of the unexpected collapse of a parking structure being demolished

For carriers and companies faced with the complexity of defending these tragic cases, we do our utmost to be sensitive. We BALANCE the needs of the families, the companies, and co-workers against the need to immediately evaluate the situation; manage and ensure fair investigation by law enforcement agencies, OSHA and others. We counsel and work very closely with management on the development of any resulting suit, and the implementation of policies developed to alleviate future similar risk. If necessary, we prepare the case for mediation and/or try the case to verdict.

Whether a case is being developed, being prepared for mediation, or being prepared for trial, we utilize STATE-OF-THE-ART litigation technology. We are committed to advocating our clients' positions using the most modern and effective communication techniques. We make effective use of paralegals, and are supported by a large network of experts specially disciplined in their respective fields to help construct creative and practical strategies for resolving even the most complex cases.

To speak with the attorneys at Griffin & Matthews regarding your litigation needs, call us at 281-870-1124 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation.