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Firm News and Matters


Recently the firm was instrumental in successfully negotiating, documenting, and closing on the sale of two multi-million dollar land drilling rigs on behalf of a drilling contractor client.

In 2010, we represented the buyers in the evaluation, due diligence investigation, negotiation and drafting of documents for the acquisition of oil and gas mineral interests as well as a pipeline located in the Gulf Coast area. Although the transaction did not close, it was through the due diligence phase that material issues were identified.

In 2011 we were asked to draft and negotiate agency agreements for an upstream provider of specialized down-hole data acquisition tools in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and South East Asia.

We provided guidance to an oil and gas exploration and production company client in their decision to form and operate an offshore entity holding foreign oil and gas assets.

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Commercial Transactions

We were recently retained to negotiate and structure the development of an online gaming venture involving multiple parties having varied interests in software requiring complex licensing. The matter was also unique in that the platform was to be utilized by members of the U.S. military through a quasi governmental body.

We handled extensive negotiation in, and drafted definitive documents relating to the operation of a joint venture involving United States patent rights for the manufacturing, in China, of products to be distributed in the United States through both retail outlets and television commercial marketing. The transaction required the negotiation of numerous documents involving various entities providing services.

We are currently representing a long time research and development client in its efforts to explore and analyze multiple divestiture opportunities. The transactions being identified and evaluated involve complex issues related to patents and trademarks, sophisticated financing techniques, integration of products and corporate cultures.

In its capacity as outside general counsel for a large industrial client owned by three families, Griffin & Matthews was tasked to negotiate and prepare definitive documents for the benefit of the three shareholder families, and the company they own. The complexities of counseling and negotiating while reaching the varied objectives of each family to ensure continuity of ownership and management for the future growth of the company made the project a challenging one.

We have recently assisted a physician client in the dissolution of a long term association. The project has required sensitivity to the agenda of the parties to the separation which involve complex issues of past, present, and future indemnity and other medical, HIPPA, and commercial issues normally associated with this type of relationship and entity.

Personal Injury/Insurance Defense

We recently concluded the successful defense of a building service company sued over the death of one of its workers who fell through a roof skylight. The case involved complex issues of course and scope of employment, training, and supervision.

We are currently defending two different companies being sued for injuries and death allegedly caused by the failure to provide adequate fall protection equipment and training in the use of safety harnesses.

In two separate high profile cases with similar facts, we successfully defended both companies each losing two workers arising out of a single accident. In the first case, two workers were cleaning the inside of a chemical storage tank using supplied breathing apparatus. Unfortunately, the mixture of nitrogen and oxygen was incorrectly mixed and insufficient to support life. The other involved a worker being overcome by fumes during the cleaning of a tanker trailer and the attempted rescue by a co-worker who himself was ultimately overcome. This latter case was further complicated by the threat of criminal indictment of certain members of management over the cause of the accident.

Real Estate

We have recently been involved in a complex dispute between adjoining ranch owners regarding disagreement over the existence, maintenance, and ownership of a roadway separating the properties with historical implication dating back to early 1900s. The case involves complex issues of adverse possession, Commissioners Court proceedings, and the rights, duties and obligations of each of the parties concerning road closures.

We are currently representing several construction companies and home builders who have been negatively impacted by the economic downturn. We have assisted these clients in their efforts to avoid bankruptcy protection by negotiating favorable, but fair terms with their lenders. These clients include land developers, home builders, and commercial contractors.

Commercial Litigation

The Firm represents several clients in the negotiation, interpretation, and enforcement of employer/employee non-competes, non-disclosure, and non-solicitation agreements.

We recently resolved a large commercial case involving a Texas based oil and gas drilling contractor in Federal Court litigation stemming from the default on lending and security agreements covering collateral located in Panama, Ecuador, and Brazil. The multi-jurisdictional complexities made this a challenging case to resolve.

Corporate Formation and Operation

As is typical for us, we are organizing and managing the implementation of a complex corporate structure where the client holds over 16 different entities formed for the protection of his businesses and his properties. These entities include corporations, LLC's, Limited Partnerships; Family Management Trusts; and, Family Limited Partnerships.

Family Law

Recently, we successfully resolved a contentious divorce action involving a client with complex issues of valuation and the allocation of a multi-million dollar estate. The case was successfully resolved through the use of creative strategies designed to preserve the value of the corpus after division for the benefit of both parties.

In 2010 we were involved in a number of family law cases involving sensitive and difficult issues of drug and alcohol abuse, spousal abuse, child support and custody, and the division of debts and assets. These cases required our experience involving restraining orders, drug testing and counseling, psychiatric orders, anger management, physical abuse, valuation, etc.

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